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Press Release Dissemination:

Send your press release to over 900 media members (If not provided, an additional writing fee applies). The release goes to Ohio newspapers and magazines, TV and radio shows, and travel editors and writers at major newspapers across the country.

Cost: $249/release.

Video Projects:

Our videos won numerous awards, including the Ruby awards for clients at several recent annual OTA (Ohio Travel Association) conferences. We film, edit and produce promotional videos from 1-3 minutes set to music and featuring your brand and web address. You own the rights to the finished video and may use it anywhere. It is also published in and posted to YouTube. Here are samples of our work: Narrative, Festival, Theme, County-wide, Single Attraction, Outdoors, Special Event, Seasonal, Winery Tour and more.

Cost: $1,595 (additional for audio/narrative and lengthier videos).

Photography (Social Capture):

Build a multimedia library of high quality photography and video clips. The Internet, media and social media are image driven. Make sure you have quality photography and video clips to standout and attract views. We will spend a day shooting the attraction(s) that may reasonably be covered in approximately six hours of time. Once the trip is completed, creation and editing of photos and video clips are produced. Video clips are 5–15 seconds each, ideal for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and YouTube.

Cost: $1,595.

Manage Social Media (Social Liaison):

Ensure regular engagement with your social media channels. We will work with you to build your social media presence by adding and/or maintaining up to three social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and/or Tumblr) by making one post to each on a weekly basis.

Cost: $1,595 per year.

Multimedia Feature (Flo Stories):

Offer timeless substance worth sharing on your web site, in your social media and to mainstream media.

Build substance with staying power using Flo Stories™ to market your key attraction(s).  Flo Stories™ are a multi-media features that go in-depth about one destination with a well written and entertaining article featuring interviews, great photography and brief video clips that flow with the story. The complete piece is published on and promoted by in any monthly edition as well as sent to over 900 media contacts as a contributing piece.

People want content that is less disposable and more memorable. In addition to the published Flo Story, the client also gets a disc of photos and video clips which may be used in a variety of ways.

Click here for sample Flo Story projects.

Cost: Flo Story packages include a day of filming, interview(s), in-depth story, supporting photographs and video clips, publishing with and sent to over 900 media contacts, and a disc with photos/videos for $1,795.


Advertising on which receives about 1.5 million visitors per year.

Articles (advertorials):
Note: Contact us to send your press releases. If we do a story as a result, it is free publicity.

Get around ad blockers and deliver your message directly to an engaged audience interested in Ohio tourism. Advertorials are treated as normal articles and include a photo and web links. It is included in the current edition for one month and archived for at least 11 additional months of exposure drawing search engine attention. If not provided, an additional writing fee applies.

Cost for one article/advertorial in one monthly edition (Discounts may apply for multiple articles):

Display Advertisement: (200 x 300 pixels)

Your display ad is guaranteed to be on pages that attract at least 150,000 page views per month on average over a one year period. It rotates position in the left column of every page on a regular basis. No animation permitted.

Cost for one display ad:

Exclusive Banner Ads: (350 x 100 pixels)

It is the only ad that appears at the top of the page.

Cost for one banner ad based on availability:


Attractions or events or properties may appear in an appropriate section of OhioTraveler for a one-time fee. Restrictions may apply. Each listing includes a photo, link and up to 250 words.

Cost: $75 per listing.



Most popular package includes two articles, two press releases, annual display ad and one listing. The cost is $2,975 (Saving over $500).

Starter package includes one article, one press release, annual display ad, one listing and either a video or photo project. The cost is $3,495 (Saving over $700).

Intermediate package includes two articles, annual display ad, banner ad, either a video or photo project or two more articles, 2-4 free press releases (depends on the number of articles) and three listings. The cost is $4,995 (Saving $1,000 – $1,500).

The full package includes three articles, three free press releases, annual display ad, premium banner ad, standard banner ad, either a video or photo project, a Flo Story project and three listings. The cost is $7,445 (Saving over $1,800).

Flexible Billing: Invoicing may be broken into quarterly payments over the course of a year or however is most convenient for the client.